CLADIVM joins the select Club of the United States (2019)

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DOCUMENT: Newsletter 2019 Fresh Pressed Olive Oil

We share with you all the Report that the specialized American Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) Club -The Fresh Pressed Olive Oil- has published.

CLADIVM has been selected as the only 100% Hojiblanco by their team of professional tasters, along with two other Spanish companies of outstanding monovarietal (Arbequina and Picual). The prestige of the Club is due to the care they put on every detail so that their more than 15,000 members, avid best EVOO searchers – gastronomic, nutritional and culturally speaking- located in all the States of America.

As information of your interest we highlight, among other, the fact that the Club has visited our Mill every year since 2011, always looking for excellence. Although the common factor has always been the high quality of our monovarietals, this year we have finally conquered the exquisite palates of their tasting team. Another interesting fact is that the aroma and flavor so characteristic of our CLADIVM Hojiblanco represents the personality and complexity of this monocultivar with origin in the Subbética Cordobesa (DOP Priego de Córdoba), very different from the attributes of a Hojiblanco with another origin.

Finally, we express our greatest gratitude to our clients and consumers of CLADIVM, for appreciating the highest quality every day, which according to the report, come from less than 1% of EVOO producers in Spain.